Driver Qualification Files

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Driver Qualification Files

All drivers employed by your company driving your USDOT Number vehicles must have a driver qualification file on record and maintained within your company from hire to 3 years after dismissal.

The Driver Qualification files are a formal record of the due diligence you performed to systematically research and gather information about the history and ability of the drivers you put behind the wheel under your USDOT Number. The Driver Qualification files must contain specific information as dictated by the FMCSA with the primary goal being public safety. Your company is responsible to gather the appropriate information in the prescribed manner and retain that information in a Driver Qualification file, available for review by request of the overseeing authority.

The Driver Qualification program we offer will structure a format you can follow from the first day of interview for a new hire to annual requirements and updated incidents reports, accidents, physicals/medical reviews, drug and alcohol testing, driving records and violations.

You will be directed on how we start a file properly and what we will need to initiate the background/driver history research prior to hiring a new driver. We will provide documentation for driver consent and disclosures to preform pre-employment history inquiries, driver road test forms, motor vehicle records, proper storage requirements, and so much more.

New hire files are simple and quick to initiate when you are already signed up with our program, just call us to get started! All your steps will be clear and efficient - keeping you legal and compliant.

  • All employed drivers must have a current Driver Qualification file on record
  • Owner/operators are exempt from Driver Qualification files
  • Driver Qualification files must be updated annually

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